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Sean Connery is New Model for Louis Vuitton

Do you think that Sean Connery being commissioned by Louis Vuitton adds to the elegance and timelessness of the brand with the addition of a renowned gentleman? OR do you think that this collaboration will add to LV’s reputation as a stuffy snobhouse with a stuffy old man as its poster-grandpa? [Source: Vuitton’s New Bond… […]


Megan Fox says “FUCK DISNEY” and shows Miley Cyrus how to do it proper [PICTURED] | [GQ] Wendy Lam parties with the best of them at Louis Vuitton’s Casino Night | [Nitrolicious] Shots of ACL speaking at last year’s opening of NYC’s J. Press | [ACL Flickr] Kanye West goes tribal for “Love Lockdown” | […]

Louis Vuitton for Vogue Japan

Some very trippy stuff. Louis Vuitton does a 3-dimensional take on their checker pattern? Do they have an in-house telekinetic that they use to shape their bags? Maybe Louis Vuitton will set up a pop-up shop in Japan and have live demonstrations of telekinesis or front-seat views of self-destructing 3-D worlds. This photo really reminded […]

Daft Punk – Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 08 Runway Mix

Practice that walk and pose in front of your mirror with this spin from the DJ, which happens to be you! Kick it, DJ! Daft Punk – Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 08 Runway Mix Source: TSS

Classic and Modern Blended Together

This is a proposed building model by UNStudio for Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Japan. Flagstore Louis Vuitton, Japan

Ebay Vs. The World: An argument for counterfeit goods

I figured we chime in on the Ebay vs. luxury designers debate. In a nutshell, the luxury designers are suing Ebay for allowing the sale of counterfeit goods on their website. The argument has been going back and forth with Ebay losing in French court to LVMH and Ebay’s recent victory over Tiffany’s. At the […]

Following Neither Form Nor Function: Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons

It’s a Friday and that means no one’s in the mood to work. For some reason, I always get that image in my head of that worker bee constantly looking outside, counting down the minutes, so he can go play. Every week I try desperately to fight that feeling of lethargy that inflicts everyone, convincing […]

Murakami In My Dreams

Damn a long weekend. It makes it extra difficult to get back into work mode. But I have no regrets. This weekend treated me right and I had the chance to reconnect with some people. Here’s advice, anytime you have a weekend, please use it to catch up with someone. The only excuses to stay […]

Fash-Forward or Fruity Shirts?

Since the innernuts is abuzz of the recent announcement of the Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons collabo, I decided to post this video of Commes’ spring/summer 2009 shirt finale. What’s the verdict, ya’ll? I like how the audience is all standing in a straight line to watch. So very Un-American. And can this collabo […]

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009

Featuring the use of black, white, and yurple.